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Treat a girl to something that twinkles for a special occasion or just to let her know you care. Surprise her with diamonds from Dad's Fine Jewelers today and watch her glow.

Find quality diamond engagement rings, earrings, tennis bracelets, and other popular jewelry pieces when you shop with us. From diamonds and watches to wedding sets and custom pieces, we have them all.

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

  • Cut
We often think of a diamond's cut as shape (round, emerald, pear), but a diamond's cut grade is really about how well a diamond's facets interact with light.
  • Color
Many of these color distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the untrained eye; however, these distinctions make a very big difference in the diamond's quality and price.
  • Clarity
Evaluating diamond's clarity involves determining the number, size, relief, nature, and position of these characteristics and how these affect the overall appearance of the stone. 
  • Carats
Diamond carat weight is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. A metric "carat" is defined as 200 milligrams.
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